Billy Strings Gets The Crowd Fired Up With Electric Encore: “Y’all Are Getting A G*ddamn Encore”

Billy Strings country music
Billy Strings

My guilty pleasure these days has been watching Billy Strings’ tour recap videos.

As he has been selling out arena show after arena show… it is apparent that Strings has brought bluegrass to the main stage, and people can’t get enough of it.

While his show live streams are an incredible way to enjoy his speedy pickin’ goodness if you can’t attend, sometimes I’m unable to tune into the whole set, making the recaps so fun to watch. He puts out quite a few recaps based on cities or festivals he has played, and the short 2-3 minute videos highlight the before, during, and after fun had at a show.

Frankly, Billy Strings looks like he has THE best time on tour.

I was watching the tour recap he posted from Portland, and halfway through the video, he runs backstage and starts telling his crew to powder him down. Soon enough, baby power is flying everywhere. I honestly thought it was to dry him off if he was sweaty running around the stage under the hot lights.

That thought was short-lived because… cut to the next scene….they are throwing a silicon muscle suit on Strings.

“Bulky” Strings then goes back out on stage, addressing the crowd, fully embracing his new macho man character.

“I hear you all wanted an encore….and y’all are getting a G*ddamn encore. And that’s the bottom line.”

Strings yells into the microphone.

What a way to close out a show.

After the show, Billy Strings made a hilarious edit of the muscle suit moment, making a WWE-style meme.

It did make me question if I was genuinely watching a Billy Strings video…if you follow Gaptooth Snodgrass Too on Instagram, you have seen the absurd edits they make, and the footage looked like one of their bodies of work.

However, it was not just Strings embracing his goofy side.

“Get flexed on.”

He kept the WWE edits coming, making another hilarious promo video for his upcoming Halloween night bluegrass extravaganza show:

“Introducing the VAN ANDEL SCRAMBLE!

For one night only, join us in Grand Rapids for the bluegrass brouhaha featuring Sierra Hull, Mark Lavengood, John Mailander, Bill Nershi, Chris Pandolfi, Molly Tuttle, and the formidable Duane Trucks.”

Grand Rapids, this is not a show to miss… the lineup is STACKED.

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