The Las Vegas Sphere Officially Opened With A U2 Concert & It Looks Insane

Las Vegas Sphere

For the longest time, the outside of the MSG Sphere was blowing people’s minds. But now that the first concert has taken place in the venue, the world is finding out that the inside is just as crazy.

If you aren’t familiar with the new $2.3 billion (yes, with a b) venue, the sphere has kind of taken Las Vegas by storm. The state-of-the-art building started going viral this summer for all of the things it was doing with the LED panels on the outside.

At one point it looked like a big basketball when it was helping promote the NBA Summer League happening there, and the various other patterns and “light shows” they’ve rolled out with it have been mesmerizing.

Just look at this clip of the thing, which is captioned with some of the specifics on the music venue:

“It is the world’s largest sphere and will officially open this September with a U2 concert.

-366 feet high

-516 feet wide

-18,000 seats

-164,000 speakers

-580,000 square ft of LED panels”

And folks, it’s finally September (actually it’s almost October), and the Sphere in all of its greatness has officially opened up. Videos have been circulating all over social media of the first event inside, which is actually a residency by rock and roll band U2.

Say what you want about U2, but they are one of the most famous and most successful rock bands in music history. They have always been known for their larger-than-life concerts, so it was basically a no-brainer to have the innovative group open up the Las Vegas Sphere.

And from the looks of it, they have managed to perfectly pair their classic hits such as “Where the Streets Have No Name” and “With or Without You” with the expansive, unprecedented LED screen display of the venue.

Just look at some of these videos that have come out of their Las Vegas residency at the Sphere so far:

That last one actually seems a little scary…

The Sphere also seems to be one of those music venues where there isn’t “a bad seat in the house.” Either you are close to the band or artist, or you are up in the top and getting the full effect of the surround-sound and surround-screen sphere.

I’d say the hype around it is warranted, and it looks like it is becoming a “bucket list concert venue.” I know I’m dying to go, and it looks like everyone else on social media is on the same page:

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