Wynonna Jokes About Her Decades Long Career At People’s Choice Country Awards: “You Were Not Born When I Had My Years Of Being Fabulous”

Wynonna Judd country music

A true country champion.

Wynonna Judd has proven time and time again that she is one of country music’s finest. From first breaking out as a member of The Judds, making music and touring with her mother Naomi, to her long and storied solo career, Wynonna has had an illustrious 40-year career and shows no signs of slowing down.

Wynonna has been candid about her struggles in the wake of Naomi’s tragic suicide last year, but has continued on, hitting the road for The Judds: The Final Tour. 

While she continued to show up for her fans, the country music community showed up for her, creating a tour featuring some of today’s best talent.

Now, as she gears up to release A Tribute To The Judds next month, country music took a moment last night to honor the wonderful contributions Wynonna herself has made to the industry while she continues to highlight the impact her mother had.

Last night, during the People’s Choice Country Music Awards, Wynonna was honored with the Country Champion award, with Brothers Osborne getting the honor of presenting the award to her.

While Wynonna has faced a lot of hardships in the last year, she couldn’t help but crack a few jokes during her acceptance speech.

“So I graduated high school in 1982, and in 1983, I got a record deal with RCA Records. I got a Silver Eagle bus with my momma and did her hair every night for ten years…for free.

It started there, and of course, in ten years, she would retire, and I’d go on to make country music ‘her’story.”

Wynonna then goes on to discuss her mother’s tragic passing, including her reasoning behind showing up at the Country Music Hall of Fame the day after Naomi’s death for The Judds’ induction ceremony.

“You know why? Because that is how much we love music. Regardless of what has happened to me and who, I show up, and I show out. 

I looked up the word champion today, and it says to do battle for others’ honor. And that is exactly what I am going to do tomorrow when I get on a commercial flight to fly to Denver to do one more show…because I can’t get enough of you.” 

She then goes on to thank the people she has in her corner and all she’d do to protect them.

After the serious parts of her career and how she got to this point today, she relives some memories that show how long she has been in the spotlight, pointing a joke at the room filled with younger faces.

“For half of y’all in this place tonight, I know y’all don’t know who I am, or you were not born when I had my years of being fabulous…and I’ll let that go. 

But back in the year of 1990…blah blah blah, Tim McGraw opened for me. Four weeks ago…I opened for Tim. 

The highs are highs, and the lows are lows, baby. But don’t let them tell you who you are.”

Wynonna is a champion for herself and so many others in the industry, a well-deserved award to add to her collection.

While her acceptance speech was incredible, her performance from the evening was rockin’ of “I Saw The Light.”


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