49 Winchester Reimagines 2020 Hit “Everlasting Lover,” Spotlight Struggling Veteran With New Music Video

49 Winchester country music
Thomas Crabtree

49 Winchester is giving love to some of their older tracks.

Today, the beloved band from Appalachia re-released their 2020 single “Everlasting Lover.”

The re-imagination of the original cut highlights the song many 49 Winchester fans would consider a favorite, with a little more flare.

With amped-up melodies and Isaac Gibson’s powerful vocals, the new track cut amplifies the track’s lyrics and messaging. For new fans of the group, this song highlights the sound that put these guys on the map, giving the track off III some more, much-deserved air time.

The members of 49 Winchester wanted to make a music video that connected with them while looping in some friends they had made out on the road. Directed and edited by Thomas Crabtree, the video features Paul and Chelsey Handelman, who are friends of the band. As Paul is a veteran, 49 Winchester found it important that he could relate to this song so much and wanted to tell a visual story with him as the focal point.

Paul’s character returns home from being deployed and, upon his return, is mentally struggling. His wife, Chelsey, is with him the whole time, and through her support, he finds a group at the American Legion. Through talking to men with similar experiences, Paul grows mentally and learns to share his story with a larger group.

Ultimately, Paul put the work into himself, putting his relationship back in a great spot.

“Everlasting loverOh, I owe you my gratitudeYou were the first to make me feelLike I ain’t just some dude…”

“As director, I wanted to make sure we were capturing the story of a veteran in an authentic and genuine way.

As a veteran, Paul was instrumental in the writing process. He guided me through what it was really like to come home from active combat and helped shape the story in a very significant way.”

Thomas Crabtree noted.

Shot at the Post 82 American Legion in Nashville, every aspect of making this video come to life was intentional. From a veteran and his wife starring, having Paul very involved in the creative process to location.

An all-star creative team joined Thomas Crabtree to make this come to life with the video produced by Norman Jacob, assistant directed by Chelsea Thompson, and Zach Manning as director of photography. Lastly, Mark Manning managed the 1st AC and gaffer along with color.

An incredible story to highlight an incredible song… check it out.

And keep your eyes peeled… you might see some of your favorite Whiskey Riff employees making a short cameo.

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