Brown Bear Discovers Playground Set & Won’t Stop Swinging On It

bear in a swing

Bears just want to have fun…

Most of the time here at Whiskey Riff, we only write about bears if they are killing something, or trying to kill something. Thus, this is a nice change of pace for our expansive catalogue of bear stories.

Most bears are worried about survival, or asserting their dominance, but the only thing that this bear is worried about is having the time of its life. When this brown bear discovered this playground set, its life changed forever.

Specifically, like a lot of us human beings, the bruin really liked the swing feature on the playground. Everyone loves a good swing, and this video proves that all living creatures can kick back and relax.

When a woman noticed that a bear was frequently visiting the play set on her property, and really took a liking to the swing, she decided to put up a camera to catch the bear in action.

Soon after, the bear came back to its favorite spot and joyfully ran right towards the playground. Its first attempt at jumping up into the swing ended with the bear landing hard on its ass, but it eventually works it way up successfully.

And when I say successfully, it wasn’t an immediate triumph. I don’t know about you, but I look a lot like this when I get up into a hammock. It doesn’t matter how sturdy the hammock is, I struggle just like this bear does to get into it.

However, once the bear does manage to settle into the swing, you can tell that is pretty comfortable, and probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Take a look:

Everyone on X (formerly Twitter) was loving the fact that the bear was loving its life, sending replies out saying:


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A beer bottle on a dock