Minnesota Twins Fan Could Not Have Been More Disappointed In Himself After Dropping Foul Ball

Twins fan foul ball
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Anyone that has ever attended a baseball game always dreams of catching a foul ball that gets hit into the stands.

In order to catch a foul ball, a lot of things have to go right. One could even argue that the stars have to align, because you have to be in just the right seat in the ball park, and a batter has to randomly hit it right towards you.

Well, the situation could not have been more perfect for this Minnesota Twins fan, who by foul ball standard, was in the exact right place at the exact right time.

Despite all of that though, the man could not successfully catch the ball (he, for some reason, went underhanded), and it was quite possibly the worst thing that ever happened to him. I’ve never seen a man so disappointed in himself.

The broadcast zoomed in on the baseball fan, who was slouched over with his head in his hands, and began to basically laugh at him for not bringing in the ball. One of the announcers said:

“He will never, ever live this moment down.”

And if that wasn’t harsh enough criticism, the other commentator decided to go in on the guy and poke fun at him:

“He’s probably been the one bragging about how good he was in college, type of player he was.

‘Come on man, I batted clean up for our team. I was an all-star.’ But you were a designated hitter.”

Take a look:

Those on social media felt pretty bad for the guy who literally dropped the ball, and weren’t afraid to make a couple of jokes on his behalf:


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