Red Stag And Elk Go Head-To-Head In Unexpected Encounter

Elk fights stag
Mountain Hunters New Zealand

What a battle.

Two beasts, going head-to-head in an unexpected battle is always a treat.

It’s pretty rare to see two members of the deer family go at it unless they are the same species. They generally don’t care about each other to much and the size differences is generally enough to keep one of them away.

Red stags are a large member of the family though, reaching over 500 pounds at their most. These beasts grow some of the coolest antlers out there, best described as a mix between elk and white tail antlers.

But elk ain’t nothing to mess with. They are the second largest member of the deer family reaching weights over 1,000 pounds. Their antlers grow huge, reaching upwards of 6 feet long with multiple sharp points of them.

Clearly, it seems like a mismatched battle that would never happen. But when people grow wild animals on farms, or hunting ranches, we can see some weird stuff from time to time.

Here, a red stag and an elk are seen going head-to-head on a hunting ranch in New Zealand.

The elk towers over the stag, who puts his head down and doesn’t notice the size difference. The pair size each other up and knock antlers a few times before deciding they don’t really want to fight and are just confused.

What a strange encounter between two species.

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