Kolby Cooper Pens Letter Home In Rockin’ New Single “Hello From The Road”

Kolby Cooper Country Music
Gabriel Muniz

Kolby Cooper has done it again. If you aren’t listening to this at full volume, you aren’t doing it right.

Leaning into this newly defined sound, with rock ‘n’ roll elements blended with his Texas country roots, the incredible songwriter highlights the struggles of being on the road with a new single, “Hello From The Road.”

Cooper has been teasing the song’s release over social media for the last few weeks, gaining loads of positive feedback from fans. And let me say, the whole track lives up to the hype.

Written alongside David Garcia and Brett Tyler, the song was inspired by a night after a show, when Cooper called his wife, the lyrics talk about the fun memories made while touring but the loneliness that can accompany the lifestyle:

“’Hello From The Road’ is a song we wrote about being on the road for the past 4 years, and it was specifically inspired by a night in Birmingham after a show when our former merch guy got knocked out cold in a pool game gone wrong.

I called my wife when we got back to the bus and told her it was crazy out here, and I can’t wait to be home.”

The story-like lyrics take you through what a phone call back home might sound like, with the refined rocker sound we heard on his last single, “Kill Me,”

The lyrics are raw and gritty, taking the veil off the seemingly glamorous lifestyle of being a rockstar.

“Everybody’s drunk, and I’m a little high
I wish I could tell you I was feeling alright

But I just feel alone; I wish I was at home
I guess I’ve gotta go
Hello from the road…”

Cooper adds:

“This is a personal song about the struggle of finding the balance between being gone and wanting to be home. I hope it makes you feel something.”

Get ready to smash the repeat button:

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