House Cat Takes Advantage Of Dream Scenario And Brings Down Pigeon

house cat

This has to be what all cats dream of.

The flock of pigeons either didn’t see the orange cat or underestimated it, and it ended up costing one of the pigeons its life. Instincts kick in for the cat, who stays low to the ground (low cat wins) as it draws upon thousands of years of its non-lazy ancestors fighting for food to take down the big bird.

Maybe the pigeons thought they were “too big” to be bothered by the cat? What a mistake.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a cat kick it into gear like this one does. As it slowly approaches the pigeons in the left of the group, its moving quite fast as it “army crawls” towards the birds. When the birds start to catch on and fly away, the cat turns on the turbo-boosters and practically flies through the air attempting to grab a pigeon as it flies away.

The orange cat misses on the first try, but quickly readjusts and “superman leaps” towards another fleeing pigeon. This time, the cat calculates the jump perfectly and returns to Earth with the bird in its mouth.

The cat then runs off with the bird as it was still flapping its wings in the teeth of the house cat. Just think, you might have one of these naturally born hunters sitting in your house right now…

Give cats some credit. They might be lazy, but they are always capable of lining it all up and doing something like this. Like the name of the Twitter account, this cat does indeed “go goblin mode:”

And remember the old saying for a bear attack? You don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your friend?

Same goes for these pigeons. I think this group of birds will respect cats from here on out, and now they know they just have to out-fly the slowest bird of the group to stay alive.

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