Bodycam Footage Released Of Zach Bryan Traffic Stop 3 Days Before Infamous Jail Visit: “I Just Went To Your Concert”

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Everyone in the country music world was shocked when Zach Bryan’s mugshot surfaced following his arrest back on September 7th.

The jail visit came just a few weeks after Bryan released his highly anticipated self-titled album, which has continued to dominate on the country charts since its release.

Dash camera footage that was released shortly after the incident was more or less exactly as Zach has described it. He was frustrated after being pulled over a few days before, he got mouthy, the cop flexed on him, and cooler heads didn’t exactly prevail.

The country music star was eventually booked on an “obstruction of investigation” charge, then was later released on bond. Most likely the charges will be dropped, if they haven’t already, and everybody will move on with their lives.

That whole situation made headlines, but now, video is coming to light from the first traffic stop, the one that Zach mentioned as the source of his frustration ahead of his arrest.

New body camera footage has surfaced showing that the “Oklahoma Smokeshow” singer was pulled over in Verdigris, Oklahoma for speeding, going 68 miles per hour in a 50 speed limit zone.

In the video, the officer can be seen walking up to Bryan’s truck while Zach’s dog barks loudly from the passenger seat. Bryan is then told why he was pulled over, and the officer then asks for license and registration.

When the officer asks for Zach’s current address, Bryan pauses for a moment and then responds by saying:

“Umm, I’m not really comfortable sharing that with you.”

The officer then explains that Zach is required to share the information in order for a ticket to be written, or else Zach would have to go to jail. Bryan says that he’s going to call his lawyer “real fast,” which then prompts the officer to ask the country singer to step out of his vehicle.

Zach continues to be go back and forth with the officer and not responding to the man’s requests, so he then asks Bryan to put his hands behind his back and is cuffed. Zach gets frustrated by the proceedings, saying:

“Are you really arresting me right now? Are you really arresting me? This is crazy.”

The officer turns Bryan around and once again asks him if he can provide his address. Zach, clearly unsettled, responds:

“I don’t know the address, sir… I don’t think it’s any of your business where I live. I’m a famous musician and I don’t want people to know where I live.”

Once again, the trooper states that he is only going to use the address for a ticket:

“You can take me to jail. I’m not doing this… I didn’t want to share my address with you because I’m famous I don’t want people f*cking sneaking onto my property.”

The officer tells him that he can basically make up an address, and that any address will do, and it seems to calm down the situation.

Shortly after, it appears that Bryan’s dog is trying to make its way out of the driver side window, so the officer goes to roll the window up.

When the officer walks back towards Zach, he confirms with him that he’s from Oologah, and even says he went to one of his Bryan’s concerts and asks if he supports law enforcement.

Zach says:

“No sh*t. Sounds great… Of course I do, I don’t support this sh*t though, this is crazy.”

If you remember the arrest video, Zach told that officer that he just had 40 officers out to his show in Tulsa… sounds like this trooper was one of them.

Things continue to be tense between Bryan and the officer that handcuffed him, as they rehash what just happened for another officer that responded to the scene. Zach finally gets so fed up that he tells them to either write him a speeding ticket or take him to jail.

The officer finally lets him know that he’s going to take off the handcuffs and cut him loose, explaining that it was supposed to be a simple traffic violation that escalated out of control. The two shake hands and off they go their separate ways.

Zach is told multiple times in the footage that he could have been booked for obstruction, which is of course the issue that led to him being taken to jail three days later.

You can view the full video here, or a condensed version in the TikTok below:

@jcooptv “I’m a famous musician. I don’t want people to know where I live.” Country music singer Zach Bryan had another run-in with police, just three days before he was arrested by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. @newson6kotv received body camera footage from Verdigris Police after they pulled him over for a traffic stop. Three days later, Bryan was arrested for obstruction after his bodyguard was pulled over for speeding in a different case. Full story on #fyp #foryoupage #zachbryan #zachbryanmusic #bodycamera #police #oklahoma ♬ original sound – Jonathan Cooper

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