Somebody Threw A Cucumber At Denny Hamlin After He Won At Bristol This Weekend

Denny Hamlin NASCAR
Meg Oliphant via Getty Images/adamncheek

But…how did they get that past security?

The NASCAR Cup Series night race at Bristol Motor Speedway always brings out the fireworks, and with this year’s event serving as an elimination race as drivers fought to move on to the next round of the playoffs, the tensions were only higher at the half-mile bullring.

Denny Hamlin has become one of NASCAR’s most hated drivers, and during driver introductions Hamlin was showered with boos by the crowd. But Hamlin didn’t seem to mind, having some fun with the crowd’s reaction as he stepped up to the microphone to introduce himself.

And at the end of the night, it was Hamlin and his #11 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota that took the checkered flag to advance to the next round of the playoffs – much to the dismay of the Bristol crowd.

As Hamlin was celebrating at the finish line, the boos once again rained down from the stands – but Hamlin had a message for the crowd:

“I beat your favorite driver. All of ’em.”

But apparently it wasn’t just boos that were coming from the stands at Hamlin. A picture that was tweeted after the race shows a cucumber sitting on the finish line that had apparently been launched at the driver from the stands during his celebration.

Obviously the picture raises a few questions. First of all, what’s it wrapped in? Is that a…you know what, never mind.

And second, why a cucumber? Did somebody bring that into the track as a snack and decide to throw it at Hamlin when he won, or was it brought in for the purpose of throwing at Denny if he did pull off the victory?

But most importantly…how did they get that past security?

NASCAR fans are wild, and Bristol always seems to bring out the drama….and the cucumbers, apparently.

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