Man Hilariously Gets Convinced To Hop In The Water With A Goliath Grouper

Grouper fisherman
Viral Hog

That is a massive fish.

I probably wouldn’t be to keen to jump into the deep blue ocean with one either.

But that doesn’t make this any less funny.

Goliath groupers are named quite appropriately. The are true goliath fish, that can grow up to 8 feet long and weigh over 800 pounds. They are the largest groupers in the Atlantic.

People love to fish them because they grow so massive. I mean, who doesn’t love catching a massive fish? Despite these fishes large size they are known to be very friendly and even let people pet them.

I think that fact makes this video all the more funny.

These Florida fishermen caught themselves a beauty goliath grouper. They are seen convincing one of their buddies to get right in the water with it for the video.

“You got this. It will make a sick shot and be cool.”

Nothing beats good friends and peer pressure.

The man is convinced and starts in, but instantly regrets his decision. As soon as he grabs the giant fish and calms down, the fish starts to thrash around and the man loses it.

“On this day, Mike and Bryan The CEO launched out with Capt. Matt Budd to target Goliath Groupers.

Mike ended up catching his biggest personal best fish of his life and decided to jump in for a photo op, despite his fear of being in the water. That’s when the goliath grouper decided to get angry sending Mike into a full panic.”

Pure comedy.

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