Coyote Snags Opossum At Construction Site Then Pees On It When It Plays Dead

Coyote pee on possum

Ahh, the old R Kelly treatment…

Not going to lie, me (and probably pretty much every other dude on the planet who sits in front of a computer all day) has a dream of settling into a life of manual labor, working with some heavy machinery, and pounding cold Coors Banquets after a hard day’s work.

Of course, the romanticization of this is probably much better than actually being outside in both super hot and super cold temperatures draped in a reflective yellow vest, but hey, a man can dream right?

One of the reasons that appeals so much to me is all the time you get to spend outside. Sure, it’s not exactly Yellowstone National Park every day, but there has to be a ton of cool things that you get to see, like what one worked captured on a job site in this video.

While working an excavator, a man named Dan Cope saw a weird scene play out when a coyote began hunting down an opossum just feet from where he was driving.

Commonly called “possums” here in the US (also the nickname of country icon George Jones), these marsupials actually serve a very vital role in the ecosystem, eating rotting food and carcasses that would otherwise leak all kinds of bacteria and viruses into the surrounding soil and water ways, as well as eating a large amount of insects. But what they’re best known for is playing dead when they get scared.

This coyote thought he was in for an easy meal, scampering through the dug up dirt and cornering the poor possum quickly before grabbing it with its jaws and starting to run away. But that’s when the possum’s only defense mechanism kicked in.

The possum tensed up in a state of near rigor mortis, which deters predators from eating them due to fear of parasites or other illness causing bugs, and the coyote immediately knew something was amiss.

It is funny that he just caught a very alive animal and then got tricked into thinking it had been dead for quite some time, but hey, it’s just one of the many cool things about nature.

The coyote dropped the possum and began sniffing it, trying to figure out if it was good to eat or not and decided against it, but before it wandered off into the woods to look for another creature, it straight up disrespected the poor possum in the most humiliating way possible.

Squatting right over the top of the scared to death creature, it peed all over its body, possibly trying to revive it or maybe just wanting to get back at it for stopping its dinner.

Regardless, the construction worker got quite the kick out of it and burst out laughing.

Man, the joys of doing some real work look better and better every day, especially if you get to see a coyote pee on a possum from time to time.

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