Deer Smashes Through Front Window & Jumps Right Over Poor Woman Waiting At New York Salon

Deer crashes through salon window

Rough one for the shop owner…

A hair salon in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York was absolutely turned upside down when an unexpected visitor came crashing (literally) through the front window.

It looked to be a normal day, all chairs full and one older lady patiently waiting her turn, when out of nowhere, a full grown white tailed buck decides to see what the fuss is with these indoor places.

Lowering his big ol’ rack (at least 8 points by my count, but it’s hard to tell) he barrels through the window, leaps clear over the poor lady waiting on the couch, and manically scrambles around the salon, knocking over bottles, clippers, paper, and pretty much everything laying out in the open.

Eventually, he turns himself around and makes his way out the front door, shattering the glass on that as well, and scampers away.

What appears to be the owner of the salon was working the chair closest to the door and you just have to feel for her. After checking to make sure everyone was okay, she breaks down.

Can’t blame her at all, running a small business is super hard without wild animals turning things upside down and this is just an absolute mess.

Hopefully she had some decent insurance that covered it, and thankfully she has the video to prove what caused the damage; have to imagine it’d would be a hard sell otherwise.

Then again… is deer crashed though my store covered on the average policy? I hope so…

Also, the dude getting a hair cut is lucky he didn’t lose an ear or get stabbed in the neck… a crash like that is enough to make anyone slip up.

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