Woman Tries To Talk Koala Off The Road, Falls A** Backwards When Koala Takes A Run At Her

Koala attacks woman
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We all have this basic idea in our heads that koalas are sweet, cuddly creatures.

I mean c’mon, any movie or TV show we’ve seen portrays them as some of the most loveable and friendliest creatures you’ll ever see. Just up there in a tree, eating Eucalyptus leaves…

Wrong… they’re stone cold killers.

Ok, maybe not stone cold killers, however, we can’t forget that these are still wild animals, and wild animals don’t appreciate being approached by humans that come out of nowhere, trying to play with them.

And if we needed a perfect example, here it is.

This one comes out of somewhere in Australia, the native continent for koalas.

You can see a woman who has gotten out of her car walk over to a koala that was just chilling on the side of the road. It looks like she’s trying to talk to the creature the same way a grown adult would talk to a newborn baby, perhaps trying to shoo it off the road, but the koala ain’t having it.

The creature proceeds to lunge at the woman, and she ends up hilariously falling ass backwards as the koala continues to attack.

Perhaps the funniest part is the guy videoing. He kicks off the video by saying:

“This b*tch trying to talk to a f*cking koala? It’s about to f*ck her day up and I am about it.”

10/10 content right here.

Check it out:

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