Upcoming Movie Starring Sturgill Simpson, ‘The Creator,’ Puts AI Robots At SoFi Stadium For Chargers Game… And It’s Creepy

Creator robots So-Fi stadium

Yep, that’s a no for me.

Imagine this. You saved up a little bit of cash to go watch your favorite team, the Los Angeles Chargers or the Miami Dolphins, suit up for the opening game of the 2023 NFL season at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

You eagerly find your seat, sit down, and look to your right at the person sitting next to you, about to give them a high five because the NFL season is officially here…

However, you realize that the “person” sitting next to you isn’t actually a person at all. It’s a robot wearing a Chargers jersey, and there’s another one sitting right next to it.

Sounds like a nightmare, or a scene from a cheap-budget movie about robots taking over the world, right?

Well, this all became a reality for some fans who sat down to watch the Dolphins and Chargers play yesterday.

A picture is going viral of two robots that were seated in SoFi Stadium wearing Chargers gear. They look eerily close to humans, but you can obviously see the machine on the back of their heads.

According to Screen Rant, these robots were placed at the game as part of a promotion for an upcoming movie called The Creator, which is a sci-fi movie about AI robots taking over.

The movie will star John David Washington, Madeline Yuna Voyles, Gemma Chan, Allison Janney, Ken Watanabe, and even country music’s own Sturgill Simpson.

This was reportedly a marketing scheme to get NFL fans excited for the upcoming movie, but for me personally, I would’ve been terrified.

You can tell by the people’s expressions around the robots that they aren’t necessarily thrilled either.

The tweet from the movie’s account read:

“The future is here. AI robots have arrived at the Chargers and Dolphins game at SoFi Stadium.”

Man, LA is weird.

That being said, the movie itself actually looks pretty damn cool… and just might be the sci-fi blockbuster of the year.

The Creator hits theaters on September 29th.

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