Dude In Ray Lewis Jersey Eats Half A Dozen Punches From Washington Commanders Fan In Wild Brawl

Washington Commanders fight

Man, words can’t describe how great it felt to roll out of bed yesterday morning, grab some food, and flip on the TV to watch nine straight hours of NFL football.

There were a handful of really good games to watch, kicking off the 2023 season in a great way.

However, after Sunday, my favorite thing to do is scroll through social media and find what a wild brawl broke out in the stands at one of these games.

Ever since COVID happened and everybody was basically forced to stay indoors for a year (or more), it feels like people forgot how to act out in public, especially when they’re in tightly packed areas such as sporting events or concerts.

Seriously, a fight is inevitable at just about every NFL game…

So, needless to say this makes for some great content.

And Week 1 did NOT disappoint. Here, we have a WILD brawl to unpack here that occurred during the Washington Commanders and Arizona Cardinals game.

It all went down yesterday at FedEx Field in Washington D.C.

In the footage, you can see a random guy in a Ray Lewis jersey getting up close and personal with a Commanders fan. Next thing you know, some pushing and shoving starts to break out.

Once the Ray Lewis fan and his girl got pushed out into the aisle, you can see a dude wearing a number 17 Commanders jersey come out of nowhere, shove the girl out of the way and go after the dude in the Ray Lewis jersey.

Then, as the girl is trying to get out of the way, another female in a Commanders jersey kicks her, and they start getting into a full on cat fight.

Another angle shows the Ray Lewis fan getting restrained down by another Commanders fan, and another proceeds to punch him square in the face multiple times, seemingly out of nowhere. Cheap shot? Seems like it… I mean security is already involved and some dude has your arms behind your back while you eat punches? C’mon man…

I know there are no rules in stadium brawls, but let’s have a little decency here, eh? Sucker punching a guy with his arms held behind is back, when it doesn’t even appear that you were initially involved in the fight, is pretty lame if you ask me.

Now it’s uncertain how the fight really started, but whatever this Ray Lewis fan did, this whole section of the stadium was against him.

Real tip of the cap to the security too… if your only move it to “call someone else,” should you really be working security?

Check it out:

Here’s the up close of the sucker punches:

Alternate angle showing the guy in the poncho (the dude doing the punching) coming back down to his seats, which kinda leads me to believe that he had nothing to do with it and just wanted to punch someone.


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