SEC Network Announcer Blasted For Saying That “Nobody Wanted” Kentucky Running Back When He Was In Foster Care

Ray Davis college football University of Kentucky
SEC Network

When did they let Michael Scott start calling football games?

University of Kentucky running back Ray Davis has an inspirational story that led him to Lexington. The Wildcats running back spent his early life in foster care from ages 8 to 15, and at one point spent two months in a homeless shelter when he was only 12 years old.

Davis started his college career at Vanderbilt before transferring to UK for his senior season, where he’s already rushed for 164 yards and two touchdowns in his first two games.

But during yesterday’s matchup with Eastern Kentucky, SEC Network play-by-play commentator Pete Sousa made a bizarre comment while discussing Davis:

“Nine months ago, when he jumped in the portal, everybody wanted him. Eleven years ago, as a foster kid, really nobody wanted him.”

Wait, what?

Sousa continued without addressing the remark:

“And, now, here he is. Found some love, found football, and he has had an amazing journey.”

I mean, I know what he was trying to do. Announcers love to play up the hardships that players have faced. But…yikes.

And as soon as the comments began making their rounds on social media, the internet began blasting Sousa for his insensitive remarks:

Many have called for Sousa to be suspended or fired from the SEC Network:

Others have pointed out that Sousa may have just been repeating a quote that Davis himself has made:

Either way, probably not the best thing to say.

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