Alligator Takes Out Monster Python In The Florida Everglades

Python attacks gator in Florida
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This is what nightmares are made of. These are two of the most notorious creatures in Florida, and that’s saying something.

The Everglades is some cool wildlife, including two species that have gained fame from people around the world, the alligators and pythons. These reptiles are known for their impressive size and strength and their interactions are that of legend.

Alligators are native to the southeastern United States and are known for their powerful jaws and tough hides. They are apex predators, feeding on a variety of prey including fish, birds, and mammals. Alligators can grow to be over 14 feet in length and weigh over 1,000 pounds.

Pythons are not native to the Everglades, but have become established in the area due to the pet trade and release of captive individuals. Pythons are known for their impressive size and strength and are able to constrict their prey. They can grow to be over 20 feet in length and weigh over 200 pounds with the girth of a telephone pole.

In recent years, alligators have been observed consuming pythons in the Everglades, showing the adaptations of these two species living together. Alligators use their powerful jaws that allow them to overpower and crush the pythons. They also have very fast burst of speed allowing them to surprise a python and get the advantage on it.

This photographer came across a massive alligator with the massive snake locked in its jaws. The alligator can be seen manhandling the snake, using its strong head to literally throw it around.

The man watches in absolute amazement as the gator starts to swallow down his impressive catch.

Those everglades are about as wild as it gets…

Burmese Python Easily Swallows A Whole Alligator

If this doesn’t make you afraid of pythons, I don’t know what will.

There’s a lot of animals out there, all are very interesting, there are many that I definitely don’t want close encounters with, then there’s the python.

I would go to great lengths to avoid one of these beasts. They literally squeeze the life out of their prey, wrapping their long armless body around animals and increase the pressure until they suffocate.

These massive snakes average between 6 and 9 feet in Florida, but can grow much longer, especially around the world. One in Florida was recorded at a whopping 18-foot and 215-pounds, the largest ever in the state.

Pythons are not natural in Florida, however. They are considered invasive, meaning they out-compete naturally occurring species. They are such a large problem that they have actually killed a ton of wildlife in the areas they reside, and have no natural predators.

And in the Everglades, where you can find them now, they have built quite the population.

They will eat nearly anything, much like a gator. Except inside of having a hard bite, they have the ability to displace their jaw and fit their whole mouth around their kill.

Watching this happen is almost unbelievable.

This python shows us how dangerous they are as he squeezes the life out of an alligator in Florida.

The gator is not particularly large, but it is still a gator.

The snake then proceeds to swallow the gator whole.

When I think of eating an animal whole, not that I would ever do it, I would guess an alligator would be tough to do so with its tough skin. Something with fur might be a little bit easier going down.

This snake is hungry though and couldn’t care less… this meal will hold it over for quite some time.

It displaces its mouth and fits it around the whole alligator, eventually getting the whole thing inside of itself. The crazy thing is, it does it with ease.

I’ll be the first to say, gator tastes pretty good, but this is downright crazy.

Massive Python Blocks Road In Florida Everglades

Can Florida be normal even once?

From gators climbing fences, to monkeys diving out of trees, to cougars running on boardwalks, to a woman discovering whatever the hell this is, the Sunshine State has made more than a few headlines over the years, and that doesn’t even dive into the hurricanes, meth heads, beach bums, and spring breakers than just take the beautiful state to absolutely sky high weird levels.

I lived in Florida for about 4 years and an under the radar story that’s started making its way though to the mainstream is an infestation of an invasive species taking over the Everglades.

For years people have claimed to see giant Burmese pythons in the southern swamps, but it wasn’t until the ’90s when the first official sighting was confirmed. They’re not native to the state, but once a decent number of them made a home in the wildlife rich area, the population absolutely exploded.

A true estimate of just how many call Florida home is hard to get due to their reclusive nature, but some wildlife experts now estimate there are over 1 million pythons living in southern Florida, which has absolutely devastated all kinds of native animals. Over 90% of all small game animals in the Everglades have been wiped off the map, and the predators are now known to take out even alligators, formerly at the top of the food chain in the swamps.

There are now so many of these snakes that people are running into them when not even looking, like just the other day when a monster stopped traffic on a road crossing the Glades.

In a video credited to Kymberly Clark, an over 10 foot long python is seen making its way across the street, halting traffic and causing the motorists to get out of their cars for a closer look.

I mean, hell, this this so big it honestly doesn’t make much sense. Those are just chilling the water and grasses? Terrifying.

The snake did makes its way off the road eventually, but my goodness can you imagine not seeing it in time and hitting it like a speed bump? Could have been a disaster, especially if the car swerved off the road and into the thicket with who knows how many more of these monsters.

Keep your eyes open, Floridians, you never know what’s going to get in your way…

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