Black Racer Takes Out Garter In Backyard Snake-On-Snake Crime

Black racer snake

Even though they were similar, they were not the same.

You think snakes are gross, but you can’t deny that they’re pretty dang cool.

Legless creatures that slither around, taste the air to pick up scents, and come in all sorts of colors and sizes is pretty much the checklist you’d make if trying to design one of the more fearful creatures on the planet. Throw in that some have venom in their fangs that can kill most other animals and you’ve got yourself quite the beast.

A backyard video has been making its way around the internet where we get to see two common species of snakes square up in a very mis-matched battle.

Garter’s are the most common snake in the US and are found in all of the lower 48 states. They vary pretty significantly in size, from 18 to 51 inches, however tend to stay in the 2 to 3 foot range.

Black racers are also found in all of the lower 48 but tend to be a bit bigger, some growing up to 60 inches long. They are also better hunters as they are faster and more active than the mainly bug eating garter snake.

In this video, the black racer is clearly much bigger than the poor garter, who seems to realize there’s not much hope for him from the jump and is trying to slowly back away, but the racer is having none of it.

After eyeing him up for a few seconds, he strikes and grabs a hold of the garter just a few inches from his head. He then picks the wriggling snake up and slithers back into the bushes to finish the job and eat in peace.

Even in suburbia, displays of nature are never too far away…

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