Enormous 16-Foot Python Slithers Across Rooftop In Australia

Giant snake

I would definitely be moving if I lived in one of these houses…

I’m not even really scared of snakes and I find this video out of Australia absolutely terrifying. These people are just casually watching all of this unfold from their back porch, while I would have been packing all of my most valuable items into my car and driving off in the opposite direction for as long as I can.

In the TikTok, which has been viewed over 12 million times, the 16-foot python (and that could legitimately be underestimating its length) slithers off the roof of a house and uses its complex muscles to keep itself suspended in the air in order to reach a nearby tree.

The snake’s body seems to go on forever as the creature climbs into the tree. Those witnessing the incredible feat of mother nature “ooh” and “ahh” at the snake’s impressive stretching ability.

The python momentarily disappears into the branches of the trees, but once it comes out on the other side, the sight of its creepy head sends a little girl running back inside out of fear. And I’m “man enough” to say that I would be right there with her…

It’s almost as if the python is defying gravity as it continues to make its way from tree to tree. The craziest part about the whole clip is that the house the creature is climbing from and the trees that the snake is climbing to aren’t exactly close together.

The python climbs through the first tree and has almost reached the second tree, and its tail is STILL on the roof. These types of snakes generally only grow to around 13-feet in length, so someone needs to try and get a hold of this thing to get an official measurement, because it is surely close to a world record.

My favorite part of the video, besides the snake defying all laws of physics, is that the old guy yells to his family as he walks back inside “come on, your quiche is getting cold.” I love the priorities that he has set in his life. There’s no time to admire the world’s largest snake when there’s food on the table.

As you watch the massive python pull off an tree-crawl, you’ll also probably have your skin-crawl trying to fathom how a snake this big could survive in the wild. Take a look at the video below (if you dare), which is captioned with:

“Only in Australia will you see a 5-meter long Carpet Snake in the suburbs.”

@iamiandyi Only in Australia will you see a 5 metre long Carpet Snake in the suburbs. #snake #onlyinaustralia🇦🇺 #sellthehouse ♬ original sound – Andrew Anthony

Watching the video over and over again is quite entertaining, but you might also have a fun time going through the comments below it. I went ahead and gathered some of the best TikTok commentary on the 16-foot snake below:

“Carpet SNAKE? Ma’am that is a DINOSAUR.”

“I did NOT need to know that this was possible.”

“Australia is always giving me reasons to not visit…always.”

“Why is everyone so calm???”

“I miss five minutes ago when I didn’t know these existed.”

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