Alaskan Brown Bear Charges Through The River As The Salmon Scatter To Get Away

Grizzly bear katmai national park

Dinner is served.

This has to be some of the coolest stuff to see. No matter how many videos I’ve seen, I will watch a grizzly chase a salmon down all day long.

Nature is amazing, and this is certainly one of its wonders. Grizzly bears are masterful predators known far and wide for either being fierce and dangerous or being one of the best fishers in the land.

Grizzlies can grow large, in some areas pushing well over 1,000 pounds. That takes a lot of food to feed them. They are omnivores and will eat anything they can from grass and berries to rotting meat and garbage.

Alaskan grizzlies, generally called “brown bears” or “coastal brown bears” are known for their love of fish. The rivers there hold insane salmon runs with thousands of fish coming up the river each year for one final run. The fish provide bears with rich fats and proteins that are required for them to survive.

The plentiful amount of salmon help the bears pack on the weight they need to make it through the winter.

This fella is seen trying to get himself dinner in an Alaskan river. As he runs at a salmon, the water ripples and fish swim everywhere. The bear almost seems overwhelmed by options.

I would be too in that situation.

He ends up getting none of them at the time, but I’m sure he got lucky eventually. There was plenty of fish to go around.

Alaska is as wild as it gets.

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