Wisconsin Football Coach Luke Fickell Will Have You Ready To Run Through A Brick Wall With Postgame Speech: “We’re Gonna Work Our F**king A**es Off”

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What an official opening weekend for college football.

We got to see several great games, including a handful of upsets and close ones to mark week one of college football.

New Wisconsin head football coach Luke Fickell got to celebrate a win this past Saturday, as the Badgers defeated the Buffalo Bulls 38-17.

Although it didn’t look great at times against a much lesser opponent, it was still a dominant win overall as Fickell tries to lead the Badgers to a Big Ten championship in his first full season as head coach.

All offseason, we saw glimpses of Fickell’s coaching philosophy, like how he preaches not taking the easy route in not just football, but in life, and practices what he preaches by making his player’s take the stairs instead of the elevator.

And now, we’re seeing it again. But this time, we’re getting see that the guy can put together one helluva postgame speech.

After the Badgers’ win on Saturday, Fickell was filmed giving his team a postgame speech that will literally give you goosebumps.

He told his players:

“Hey h*ll of a job men. Tough win. You guys did what you had to do to win a f*cking football game, okay? But I’ll remind you that the greatest improvements is between game one and game two.

You know we talk about playing clean, playing physically, playing aggressively, but we’ve got to be more disciplined in the things we do and we will, I promise you, because we’ll get the f*ck back at it, right now we’re gonna f*cking celebrate the sh*t out of these things.

We’re gonna be smart about what we do, and we’re gonna know it’s a process, okay? So when we go back in on Sunday we’re gonna getcha the schedule, and when we go back in on Sunday we’re gonna go right back to freakin’ work, get the things done that we need to get done and move on. Because we’re gonna continue to grow.

We’re gonna play our best football at the end of the year, because we’re consistent at what we do, we’re gonna work our f*cking a**es off, and we’re gonna stay together. That’s what it’s all about.

There’s going to be mistakes, effort is going to overcome that, togetherness is going to overcome it, anything that we’ve got to f*cking handle. We’ve got to have some adversity to grow.

We’ve had a little adversity, we had a little adversity on both sides of the football, and a little bit of adversity in the game. So we understand now, we’re going to freakin’ grow.

Enjoy this, be smart, stay together, enjoy the things tonight and we’ll go back in tomorrow and we’ll get our a**es back to work, because that’s what we do, and we know what we gotta do to continue to climb the mountain we’ve gotta climb.

Be incredibly grateful for what you do. Not many people can play this f*cking game like you do in front of a crowd like that, in a stadium like that. Where you get to do it, right? They’re taking care of us and always will, and remember that.

Most importantly, who do you get to do this thing with?”


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