Florida Man Kicks Back & Drinks A Beer As His Living Room Floods During Hurricane Idalia

Florida man flood recliner

Sometimes all you can do in life is play the cards that you’re dealt, and this Florida man fully encapsulates that mindset.

Hurricane Idalia made landfall earlier this week as a Category 3 storm and brought strong winds and surging flood waters across the northern parts of Florida and the southern portion of Georgia.

Meteorologists were warning Floridians to evacuate so they didn’t have to face the 10-foot-tall storm surges, but in classic Florida fashion, many people there said “ehh.”

Instead of running for the hills, many people in the Sunshine State decided to make the most of it. People were spotted riding inflatable rubber duckies down flooded roadways, riding their bikes through waist deep water, and even fishing for catfish right on the sidewalk.

You’ve got to give them some credit for their “redneck ingenuity” and trying to find the silver lining during the storm, but one man’s ability to not give a damn has caused him to stand (or I guess sit) above the rest of his Floridian counterparts.

In classic “Florida Man” headline energy, this guy is going viral for continuing to live his best life even while knee deep water from the hurricane has taken over his home. Some people would be having a nervous breakdown about the whole thing, but this guy is taking advantage of his now-waterfront property.

While the water flows right in through his backdoor and throughout his home, this man could not be any less bothered. He’s too busy kicking back in his recliner and drinking a beer, because why not? What else can you really do in that situation?

I absolutely love this guy’s spirit about the whole situation. One could be freaking the hell out, but he’s instead just cracking open a couple of cold ones and letting the sound of the flowing water bring down his blood pressure.

A true “Florida Man,” through and through…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock