Catfish Caught Swimming On The Sidewalk In Florida Amid Hurricane Idalia Flooding

catfish Florida
Twitter/Benny Johnson

Who needs a fishing pole when the fish just swim right up to you on the sidewalk?

Hurricane Idalia is currently bearing down on Florida, bringing massive amounts of water and storm surge and 110 mph winds to the Florida coast as it made landfall overnight and into the morning hours as a Category 3 hurricane.

Residents of the Sunshine State were advised to evacuate ahead of the storm’s arrival, but those who stayed behind are likely to be without power for some time as workers rush to restore critical infrastructure to the state.

Meanwhile, residents in the area where the storm has already passed are getting out to survey the damage left behind – and do some fishing on the sidewalk?

Video posted to Twitter by political commentator and YouTuber Benny Johnson shows the flooding as he’s walking down what appears to be Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, with water from the bay spilling over onto the sidewalk.

But water’s not the only thing that made its way onto the sidewalk: There’s also a catfish swimming along in the flood waters, clearly on the wrong side of the barrier but not able to find his way back.

Johnson is able to grab the out-of-place fish and throw him back into the bay where he belongs – though many people in the comments are wondering why he didn’t keep the catch for dinner.

Only in Florida.

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