Florida Men Paddle Through Flooded Tampa Streets On Camo Ducky Raft Amid Hurricane Idalia

Florida man hurricane

Transportation looks different in the midst of a hurricane.

Hurricane Idalia is currently taking its toll on the Big Bend region of Florida. The category 3 hurricane has now been classified as a category 4 storm, leading to severe flooding and damage to the inland.

While news coverage of the hurricane primarily focuses on the mass destruction it is causing and urging citizens to remain safe, some Florida dwellers keep their spirits light with a little outing during the eye of the storm.

A local news station discussing the storm hitting Keaton Beach takes a second to pay attention to two men in the background of the camera shot paddling through the flooded street.

“We are going to step away from the seriousness of this storm for just one second.

You’ve got to bear with me…but this is something you don’t see every day.”

The news anchor says as he spots the men aboard their ducky float.

Cruising in style on top of their giant (what appears to be a tubing float) camo ducky raft, two men are venturing out floating through the streets of Tampa. When asked what they were doing out there, the two men just gave the news anchor a blank stare and continued on their way.

“This is a new way to beat rush hour traffic on Bay Shore Boulevard in Tampa.” 

When driving your car is off the table, these guys win the creativity award for means of transportation.

Leave it to the Florida Men to get where they need to be regardless of outside conditions.

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A beer bottle on a dock