Dirt Bike Rider Narrowly Avoids Being Attacked By Grizzly Bear

Dirt bike bear attack

This has to be a dirt rider’s worst nightmare…

You never want to have a run in with a grizzly bear, and you especially want to avoid grizzlies that are angry at you for loudly invaded their territory. That’s exactly what these three dirt bikers faced, and they are all lucky to be alive after this incredibly close encounter.

One of the guys (the one wearing yellow) really messes up, accidentally crashing his motorbike between some trees… right next to a bear den. It’s in moments like these where a human’s fight-or-flight response kicks in, and I don’t think anyone is going to think they have a chance fist fighting a grizzly bear.

That’s why as the man in yellow goes down and sees the bear running his way, he does what anyone would naturally do and runs in the opposite direction. Many experts say that you shouldn’t flee from a bear because it can trigger their natural chase instinct, and it looks like that’s exactly what happened with this grizzly.

The bear starts barreling towards the man running away, and the other two bikers had to think pretty quick on their feet to figure out how to save their friend. With them both still standing upright on their bikes, they both improvise and start to rev up their engines. The loud noises of their motorbikes stop the grizzly right in its tracks, just as it started to climb up and over the bike that was laying on the forest floor.

I’m sure the motocross bikers were counting their blessings as they saw the bear run the opposite direction, and I’m positive that the other two guys that revved their engines haven’t stopped talking about how they saved their friend’s life.

The yellow shirt guy is forever indebted to his two quick thinking friends, and he better be buying them beers anytime they want them.

Take a look at the terrifying footage below:

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Comments below the TikTok mixed in shocked reactions and funny bear jokes, because that’s basically how everything is handled nowadays:

“That could have been a grizzly scene, he bear-ly got away.”

“Bear probably thought that engine was a super predator coming.”

“That was smart and quick thinking.”

“Dude was about to be the subject of a Joe Rogan podcast.”

“Guess y’all will be carrying bear spray from now on.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock