A Beaver Chomping Down Trees Is Just As Interesting As You’d Think It Is

Beaver chomping wood

Ahh, the ever interesting beaver.

The animal that was responsible for building financial systems throughout the country is one of those creatures that pretty much everyone knows about, but few have actual experience with. Well, maybe I’m wrong on that, but I’ve never seen one in person…

Beavers are the second largest rodent on the planet, behind only capybaras. They generally weigh between 35 and 65 pounds, with the largest ever over 100 pounds, and feature brown or gray fur, chisel like teeth, and an adorable flipper tail. They are found in every state in the US.

As you’re probably well aware, they make homes by building dams in moving waterways, which create calm pools by restricting water flow and providing shelter inside the lodges for them to nest in. They have monogamous relationships and a tight knit family structure, where their children will assist in maintaining dams with their parents.

While all of that is pretty much endlessly fascinating, there’s no denying that their greatest quality is being able to chew down large trees, which is what we get to see up close in this video.

Some well placed trailcams allow us to see exactly how these creatures take down some large trees and, yeah, it’s pretty much exactly what you’d think it looks like.

The beaver starts at the base of the tree and begins crewing, spitting out the shards, then continuing to chew in strategic locations until that deep sound of cracking lumber begins and they scamper away to safety, returning to remove some branches or drag the entire thing back to where they’re building a home.

I don’t have much more to say other than we don’t give these guys enough respect. Not many other creatures are capable of modifying their environment like beavers.

Bravo to the beaver.

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