Security Footage Shows Nebraska Tight End Arik Gilbert Breaking Into Vape Store

ARik Gilbert arrest

Yesterday, we learned that current Nebraska tight end Arik Gilbert had been arrested for breaking into and robbing a liquor and vape store in Lincoln, Nebraska around 2 AM.

It was estimated that he stole over $1,600 in vape products, Delta 8, cigars, and lighters, along with $650 in damages to the store, including a shattered glass door.

It’s a sad situation, because Gilbert had been fighting for eligibility this season for Nebraska, after previously making stops at LSU and Georgia, and not to mention, he was the top tight end, and ranked 5th overall, prospect in the class of 2020.

And now, we have the security footage of Gilbert breaking into the store, and the arrest that followed soon after… and yeah, it’s not good.

You can visibly see him without a shirt, with some kind of mask wrapped around his face. He breaks down the front door with a concrete block, and then kicks out another door to get into the vape section.

However, the police arrived to the scene, meeting Gilbert out in the front, where he was then arrested.

Now, new Nebraska head coach Matt Rhule is speaking out about the incident, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

Rhule said:

“Obviously really disappointed, really sad for him. When we took Arik, we knew we had good people to help us with some issues he’s dealing with in his life, and they were really proud of the job he’s done in the spring and summer.

We’re sad and disappointed for him and his family.”

So, I guess we’ll see how this arrest will affect his career at Nebraska, but at first glance, it looks like he might be done playing football… a shame.

For the 2020 season, Gilbert racked up 35 receptions for 368 yards and two touchdowns for LSU. He then transferred to Georgia, where he only had two receptions for 16 yards and a touchdown, only playing in three games.

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