Farmer Uses A Hog Trap To Capture 16 Wild Pigs At Once

Trap captures a bunch of hogs
Holly Ridge FHomestead

Got ‘em.

These feral hogs are a problem. And people are being forced to deal with them in the masses.

Who thought an animal could cause a 1.5-BILLION-dollar problem? That’s what we have on our hands now, and it seems to be only getting worse with a new breed of “super pig” making its way in from Canada. The problem could be a northern state problem as well…

Many solutions for these ripping and tearing pests have been explored but only a few seem to work with one common theme: eradication. We need to take out as many as we can for the better of the environment.

If we can help out the environment, hunt and get a decent meal out of the ordeal, what could go wrong? Some local areas and states are even paying hunters to help with the problem with a bounty on the hog’s heads.

Farmers have it the most, taking the brunt of the economic damage. Needless to say, they take their hogs seriously.

One of the best ways to minimize the population is to take them all out. If you only take out a couple, there will be more very quickly because they reproduce easily.

Traps are a great way to get a bunch at once and this hunter runs through his process for trapping and taking out these hogs.

The man explains how he is helping out the farmer and getting his traps ready by baiting them the days leading up to setting them off. This draws in the hogs and makes them comfortable.

The trap then shows at night with the whole family of hogs eating away in the pen. The trap door closes, and they lose it as they realize they are stuck in there.

The final count is 16 hogs, with one big boy getting away.

Mission accomplished… for now.

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