Two Young Black Bears Wrestle On Lake Tahoe Front Porch

Tahoe black bears
Viral Hog

While most people put up security cameras to keep their property safe, an unintended benefit is capturing some great videos of wildlife.

We’ve seen a mountain lion jump a fence, moose shedding antlers, and, well, whatever this thing is

And of course, plenty of perhaps the most interesting animals roaming North America… black bears.

While they’re plenty terrifying in the right moment, they’re also quite funny, getting scared of their own reflection and sometimes showing off skills on the piano.

Well, Lake Tahoe homeowners captured two young black bears honing their fighting skills on a front deck a few days ago.

The video owner added some information about local black bears in the description.

“There is a common misconception that all black bears hibernate in the winter. In the Lake Tahoe region, many bears are active year-round. There are food sources available throughout the year that allow some bears to avoid denning up during the winter months.

And when bears are well-fed, they like to play. These two bears decided to have a play bout on my front deck. I have seen these bears throughout the last year, and they regularly play like this.

Although they do no real damage to each other in these play bouts, they are learning valuable skills that will help them if they do get into a real fight with another bear.”

While they’re not as big as this chunker, it’s always cool to see animals preparing for the brutality they’re bound to face throughout their lives.

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