Mountain Lion Effortlessly Jumps California Backyard Fence In Ring Cam Footage


Mountain lions are just plain awesome.

Weighing in at over 150 pounds, these wild cats are easily the most dominant feline in the US, with a total population of around 20,000 to 30,000, according to IMP, although their numbers are extremely hard to estimate due to their reclusive lifestyle.

But there’s no denying the capabilities of these cats, as they’ve been known to feast on defenseless deer in a ruthless and terrifying fashion.

And while their power and elusively may be their best known traits, don’t sleep on the leap.

Seriously, these cats can easily clear decently high fences, as shown in the video from San Bruno, California.

Someone had set up a ring doorbell camera to watch their driveway, but it served a dual purpose as we now get to see exactly how these cats sometimes end up in people’s yards.

The lion walks very calmly up to the fence, takes some calculations on how much effort this would take (spoiler not much), then leaps through the air, quickly touching the top of the fence before bounding down into the yard.

Also, it looks like he could have just pushed the gate open, I don’t know who installed that but you may want to call a professional in, because that is far from secure.

Regardless, just another awesome example of the capabilities of wild animals, especially wild cats.

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