Flatland Cavalry Doesn’t Miss With New Single “Oughta See You (The Way I Do)”

Flatland Cavalry country music
Adam Paul Stone

Flatland Cavalry doesn’t miss.

Led by frontman Cleto Cordero, the up-and-coming country music outfit has found themselves in the midst of an unprecedented rise which is sure to be bolstered by their brand new release “Oughta See You (The Way I Do).”

A feel good love song about seeing the best in someone and finding joy in the oddities they see as flaws, Flatland’s latest track strays slightly from the sound prominent throughout the majority of their catalog, yet stays very much within their wheelhouse in delivering heartfelt lyricism, catchy melodies, and sonically impressive instrumentation.

Of the new song, frontman Cleto Cordero says:

“A couple weeks before pre-production on our fourth LP, I got a hunch to write before going into the studio; seeking a last minute ‘Hail Mary.’ Of all the songs in contention to be recorded I realized we were still missing a fun love song. I’ve written some really great songs with Will Hoge and I knew if I hit him up, we’d come up with something.

Only thing is… I didn’t have any hooks to bring in until the morning of the write.

As I’m brushing my teeth my wife asked me what I was gonna write about that day and I told her I wasn’t sure. At the time, she’d been struggling with what she saw in the mirror and wasn’t practicing what she preaches about self-love. And I was heartbroken and frustrated watching her torture her herself about it all.

That morning, she said, ‘Yesterday you said something that stuck with me, ‘I wish you could see yourself the way that I do. Write that,’ to which I retorted with my toothbrush microphone ‘you oughta see you, the way I do.’ I took the idea to Will and we ran with it.

Once the band added their magic the song came to life and is a lively reminder that our best, liveliest, loveliest versions of ourselves are awaiting discovery and recognition from… ourselves! Until that breakthrough happens: YOU Oughta see you, the way I do!”

Check out Flatland’s latest single “Oughta See You (The Way I Do)” for yourself here:

“I know sometimes you think you’re talking too much
But honey, I don’t ever want you to hush
You’re singing like a bird, with every single word you say
You say you hate that that your laugh is too loud
But I love the way it stands out in a crowd
And you’re worried when you’re dancing
‘Cause you shake it like there’s nothing to lose
Don’t pay no mind to the folks on the sidelines judging you”

This track follows their June release “Last American Summer,” a catchy tune that chronicles a summertime fling and came out as the band’s first single since their fall 2022 EP Songs To Keep You Warm.

I never aim to be one that spurs speculation, but with two singles released in just under two months, I’d venture to guess that the Nashville-by-way-of-Lubbock sextet may have a full album on the way here soon.

If that is in fact the case, then this will mark Flatland’s first full record since their 2021 groundbreaking album Welcome To Countryland.

As a band that has found themselves on an uncanny trajectory of late as they tear down the borders of mainstream country music and infiltrate Nashville with their down-home Texas feel, Flatland Cavalry is bigger than they ever have been. And with a larger audience than ever at their fingertips, this next album could be exactly what is necessary to catapult them to the next level of their careers.

While only time will tell whether another album is imminent or not, these two singles prove that Flatland Cavalry still has plenty of solid work up their sleeves, and they show no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

If you like what you’ve been hearing for Flatland Cavalry this summer, but haven’t taken much of a dive into their deep catalog, then check out some of my favorite Flatland songs from over the years, and keep on listening to this new stuff, too.

“No Shade of Green”

“Missing You”

“Stomping Grounds”

“Tall City Blues”

And if you really want to see what these guys are all about go out and see them live.

Flatland Cavalry is made up of frontman Cleto Cordero, Jason Albers on drums, Reid Dillon slingin’ guitar, Jonathan Saenz on bass, jack of all trades Adam Gallegos, and Wesley Hall sawing the fiddle, and when these guys get firing together as one, they put on one of the best shows in country music.

They’re selling out everywhere they go, so catch them while you can. The venues will only get bigger and the tickets will only become harder to get.

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