Big Old Black Bear Tries To Squeeze Into Small Bucket Of Water In California Driveway

Bear bucket
Viral Hog

Snug as a bug in a rug.

A security camera in Los Angeles County, California captured a large black bear trying to squeeze its way into a tiny tub of water and you just have to wonder what was going through this guy’s head.

We know bears love the water and have been spotted cooling off in backyard pools, but he couldn’t have possibly though he’d be able to get himself fully in that bucket, right?

He starts off by sniffing at the water, so immediately you think he’s just thirsty and wants a drink, but nope, the bear wants in.

So he puts his front legs in the bucket, which pretty much takes up all available space. A smarter bear may have reconsidered the effort at this point, but not this guy.

He finds a way to get all four limbs in, standing like a circus elephant on a stool, before trying to plop his rear-end down, which of course didn’t work. For the next minute he shimmies and shakes and tries to submerge himself, but it was absolutely not going to happen.

Eventually he gets up and walks away with just his hindquarters wet, probably off to find something a bit more spacious for his morning cold plunge.

Bears… they never cease to amaze, sometimes in ways you’d never imagine.

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A beer bottle on a dock