Former Miss Arkansas Teen USA, Maggie Williams, Hilariously Discusses Her Pageant Platform: “My Platform Was Duck Hunting”

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If you’re looking for a good, sometimes wholesome redneck podcast about hunting, life, and more, you’ve got to check out Duck Call Room. 

The best-selling point is that Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si is one of the co-hosts… so you know it’s about to be an excellent ol’ Louisiana time.

On the most recent episode, they had an unexpected guest for a hunting podcast, 2019 Miss Arkansas Teen USA, Maggie Williams. The pageant queen is an avid outdoorswoman, making for a more than exciting episode about women in the outdoors.

“She’s really nice on the eyes, so this podcast is gonna have a little sweeter flavor than we normally have.” 

Si says as he introduces their guest, and the co-hosts are giggling.

The episode is filled with candid moments, but one of the best is when they get on the topic of how Maggie was successful in the pageant world with an unconventional platform.

Maggie was asked what made her more nervous, duck hunting or being in competition for a pageant.

“I’ll tell you this. You see, pageant girls, getting on stage and they say world peace… my platform was duck hunting. I was an advocate for female participation in waterfowl. So that made me nervous to get on stage.

You’ve got a girl saying world peace, and I’m saying shoot more ducks.”

She says that if the type of pageants she competed in contained talent, she would blow a duck call as hers. Si had a lot of questions following that about if pageant judges held it against her that Williams’ was the definition of an unconventional contestant per her platform.

“It really shocked me that they ate it up. 

I went really trying to win… but advocating shooting sports of any kind is really controversial.

People don’t always take that great, so I was really shocked.” 

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With duck season right around the corner, a podcast with influential people from Duck Commander, having a young woman advocating for women to embrace their love for the outdoors is fantastic.

While I may not be the biggest outdoors woman myself, you often see female hunters ridiculed on the internet for their involvement in the space. Time and time again, commenters comment negatively towards influencers in the space who enjoy being done up and getting to work while in the duck blind or deer stand.

Why does it seem the best of both can’t exist?

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Maggie Williams has created a platform that shatters those boundaries and is putting herself out there to show that you can do both.

So, ladies, get out there this hunting season. Who knows, you might be a better shot than your boyfriend/husband…

On the flip side, why should Si Robertson win a pageant?

“Because I’m the best-lookin’ one on this stage, and I’ve got the best talent.” 

Check out the full episode here:

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