Kids Dress Up As ERNEST, Morgan Wallen, & HARDY And Crush Lip Sync Cover Of “Cowgirls”

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I’ll never forget being a kid, and taking my toy electric guitar and throwing on the sunglasses, and pretending to be Bon Jovi and putting a show on for my parents.

And for many of y’all out there, you can recall a moment as a kid where you did this in front of your friends and family too.

These kids right here love dressing up as their favorite country stars and rock stars for their parents, and mom and dad are taking the opportunity to show their love of doing this to the world.

I was casually scrolling through Instagram, when I discovered this absolute GEM.

In the video, you can see one young kid dressed up as ERNEST, and another as Morgan Wallen, standing on top of the counter with strobe lights going off, lip syncing the duo’s song “Cowgirls.”

Not gonna lie, I think my favorite part is the little one dressed up as HARDY in the background, beating on a crushed up Mountain Dew can with a drumstick. And the little Morgan Wallen has his on-stage mannerisms absolutely down too.

It’s gold:

After checking out the Instagram page, it turns out these kids are quite the performers.

One of the youngins even dresses up as little Koe Wetzel sometimes, repping the painted on beard and arm sleeve tattoos.

HARDY also discovered one of their videos at one point, and took time to meet his little mini-me before a show:

Needless to say, it looks like these kids are living their rockstar dreams

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