Stephen Wilson Jr. Gets Deep With New Single “Patches”

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Tim Cofield

Man, I can’t wait for this upcoming double album from Stephen Wilson Jr.

The Southern Indiana native has been making a name for himself in a big way this year, releasing some stellar singles such as “Father’s Son,” “Mighty Beast,” and “All the Wars from Now On,” ahead of his new album son of dad, which is slated to drop September 15th.

Wilson weighed in on the upcoming project:

“Writing and making this album has been very therapeutic for me to learn who I am and what my existence looks like after my father. Because life has to go on.

I’m living my own life, but it’s like his death bookended what life he should have had onto mine and I’m carrying it around like a train car.”

And now Wilson has dropped his latest single, “Patches,” today.

Off the bat, the song immediately grabs your attention with a fiddle-filled introduction, and ultimately leads you to an incredibly catchy chorus, where he says:

“Cause I got scratches from catches on all my rusty old latches”

However, when you take a deeper look into the lyrics, you can see the weight Wilson feels from past mistakes and regrets.

In discussing the song, Wilson said:

“My scars got scars. Graffiti on graffiti on graffiti. ‘Patches’ is a playful song with a serious message. A life lived not avoided. One packaged with consequences and fibrosis.

A built-in collagen-based repair system showing the world the road map to where we’ve been. Wearing scars we’ve earned like we’ve earned ’em.” 

Give it a listen:

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