Former Florida Gators LB Brandon Spikes Says He Used To Show Tim Tebow Nudie Pics To Test Him: “You Really Get A Man Uncomfortable”

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We all remember Tim Tebow for his incredible play on the football field, as he was one of the greatest dual threat quarterbacks the college football world has ever seen.

In fact, he was so good that he won himself a Heisman Trophy back in 2007.

However, he was also equally known for his strong Christian beliefs…

And I’m talking about no cussing, no drinking, no lusting over women, and DEFINITELY no premarital sex.

Many people hate on the guy for it, but I have some serious respect. That man was a star quarterback at a major college football program at the University of Florida… we’re talking a serious commitment to the Lord right there, when there is no doubt that he had all of that stuff right in front of him.

And of course, you can imagine his teammates didn’t make it easy on him.

With that being said, some of Tebow’s teammates at UF discussed the hell they would give him in the locker room, trying to get him to sin.

According to the New York Post, former Florida Gators linebacker Brandon Spikes recalled this hilarious story on the unreleased Netflix docuseries Untold: Swamp Kings, which documents the time period Tebow was at Florida.

Spikes said:

“I just wanted to see if he was real. So I would like, you know, maybe have a picture, a nude picture on my phone or something and show it to him just to see how he would react.

He was like, ‘Come on man! Like, you really get a man uncomfortable!’” Spikes said, “And I was like, ‘Oh, he’s serious.’”

Cold… trying to get a man sinnin’.

Former Florida linebacker Ryan Stamper also backed up that statement, saying:

“I was answering questions constantly about Tebow: ‘Hey, like Is he really a virgin?’ or ‘Is he really that perfect?’ or ‘Does he really just eat and sleep football?’ I was like ‘Yeah, that’s who he is.’”

Not gonna lie, it’s pretty hilarious thinking about Tebow running away from his teammates because they were shoving a nude picture in front of his face.

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