Ernest Brought His Son Ryman On Stage At Fenway Park To Adorably Sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

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Dad of the Year moment right here.

This video warmed my heart so much… what a sweet moment for a father to share with his son.

During his set opening for Morgan Wallen in Fenway Park, Ernest brought out his son, Ryman, to sing a song together.

“Ryman and me have worked up a song we are going to play for y’all. It’s called “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

And if y’all want to make him feel welcome on his first big stage…we are going to try this out.”

Ernest then moved the mic over to his ADORABLE kid, who does not hesitate to kick off the song. Ernest soon joins in helping out Ryman with the words, and the crowd follows suit, creating a roar of the lyrics through the historic baseball park.

By the end of the song, you can see Ryman’s confidence take off, and he grabs to mic to bring the song home.

The crowd goes crazy, and Ryman starts clapping as well. The kid practically got a standing ovation his first time on stage… clearly taking after his dad.

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Viewers blew up the comment section noting how sweet of a moment it was.

“My heart.”

“Legend already.”

“Besides making amazing music for the world, Ernest making amazing memories with his Son! That’s what life is all about.”

“I love this so much!!! You are an amazing artist and daddy.”

“Keep being an amazing dad.”

Such a sweet moment and the videos are cuteness overload.

@ernestProudest dad♬ original sound – Ernest

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