This Wild Fox Loves To Listen To Downhome Colorado String Pickin’

Fox banjo
Andy Thorn

Man, if wild animals are showing up to hear you play, you must be pretty good.

Earlier this year, we came across a man named Andy Thorn who loves to play his guitar and banjo outside and has struck up an odd friendship with a wild fox.

Obviously, just getting close to a fox is pretty wild. They’re typically pretty skittish and like to avoid humans when possible, but they do have excellent hearing and that might explain why this certain one is drawn to some good old string pickin’.

Andy’s not just some hobbyist though, he is an excellent artist in his own right and has played alongside the great Billy Strings while putting out four albums since 2006, the most recent titled Songs Of The Sunrise Fox.

In fact, the inspiration for that latest album was directly from his viral fame. The most popular track, “Aesop Mountain,” was the song he played on the banjo on top of a beautiful Colorado mountain top.

You’ve got to love an artist who isn’t afraid to put out instrumental tracks in a world of TikTok dances to singular song lyrics and I honestly can’t believe he gets a fox to sit calmly by him while he plays his heart out.

There’s just some people doing really cool things out there. I’m never unimpressed by the talents of some humans.

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