Fox Visits This Colorado Picker On The Regular To Listen To Him Play Music

Fox guitar

Never judge a book by its cover.

Not gonna lie, my first reaction whenever I see a fox, is to stay as far away as possible, because the creatures can be potentially dangerous.

Also, it may just be the PTSD from when a fox started chasing me around the golf course when I was in middle school, but still, I would not recommend walking up to one and petting it.

However, foxes can also be sweet creatures as well, and here’s the proof.

Banjoist Andy Thorn is known for his out of this world musical talents, as he’s about mastered the banjo, acoustic guitar, and fiddle.

In fact, the guy has even played alongside Billy Strings.

But, whenever he’s not out on the road, he likes to wind down at his Boulder, Colorado home that’s located at the foothills of Boulder.

While he’s there, he likes to go out in the field behind his house, and play music as he looks off at the beautiful Colorado views.

With that being said, one unlikely fan began to make his way up to Andy, and listen to him play…

And its no other than a young fox.

The fox began showing up to his property constantly, every time he was outside playing.

In fact, the fox was showing up so much, that Andy decided to name him “Foxy.”

Foxy even made it on the most recent album cover:

He discussed the unlikely companionship:

“Every time he comes and visits us, I try to see what he likes to hear… So far I think he likes the banjo the best. He’s definitely reminded me to keep it simple.

We feel lucky every time he comes over to visit us. Even when it was wintertime, he would come by regularly.”

Andy also noted that his sister and mom like to stop by every once in a while too.

You can check out the full video here:

“Aesop Mountain”

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