Bowhunters Shocked To Watch Arrowed Black Bear Run Up Tree & Fall Out

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This has to be the wildest bear hunting video out there.

I mean, I’ve seen some crazy things, but this is definitely up there.

Black bears are one of the most popular game animals in North America. In many areas where they reside, their populations are very healthy, allowing the opportunity to harvest one or even two every year.

Historically, black bear helped many people survive long and cold winters. Their fat can be rendered down to liquid and used for multiple cooking and other practical purposes, including waterproofing boots and gun grease.

In today’s world, black bear is frowned upon by many, and viewed by many others as a pest that doesn’t have good meat. I can personally say, I’ve never had bad bear.

There’re many ways to hunt these animals today, depending on your location. One of the most popular methods in many areas is baiting.

Basically, you just keep a continuous food source in a location and the bears will come just like clockwork. Since they eat so much, bait is usually the cheapest thing a person can get, from old donuts to used fryer grease.

This fella was out for his first ever bear hunt, set up over his bait pile, when a black bear came in for a feed.

Quickly, the bear noticed the hunters up in the tree and began sniffing around. The bear comes right up into the tree to see what they are doing, before turning around and heading back to the bait pile.

He starts up another tree that’s in the shooting zone.

The hunter pulls back and releases an arrow straight into the bear, and you can see it pass through on the other side. The bear sprints straight up the tree as fast as it can.

It hits high up and comes to a stop, just like a movie almost, the bear stiffens up and takes a LONG fall back down to the ground.

The hunters are shocked by this strange hunting experience:

“Matt takes his good friend Brendan to get his very first archery bear. This is only Brendan’s second time sitting at a bear bait and things get exciting.

An aggressive bear comes in and puts on a show bringing Brendan’s adrenaline out the roof. Sit back and watch as the drama unfolds on this epic bear hunt. This bear fell 45′ to the ground.”

This is one of those hunting stories a person only believes because of the video.

Insanely Rare All-White Black Bear Caught On Trail Camera In Upper Michigan

In the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan, black bears are pretty common in the area.

However, this right here may be a once in a lifetime find.

A hunter in the area had placed a trail camera in the woods to track down if there were any good bucks in the area, when all of a sudden an incredibly rare instance occurred…

An all-white black bear walked right up to the bait the hunter had laid out in front of the trail camera.

According to the New York Post, officials from the Department of Natural Resources are certain that the bear’s fur is completely white.

Cody Norton, large carnivore specialist with DNR, told the outlet:

“I thought it was just too cool. It’s just exciting seeing an animal pop up like this here instead of somewhere else.

We’ve had some cinnamon color phases show up, some blonde and chocolate on some trail cameras we use for surveys which is also really cool to see. But those are more common in bear populations. White is its own thing.”

Norton estimated that the white bear is around two-years-old.

It’s a myth that black bears with white fur are albino, nor are they polar bears. But rather, it’s a one-in-a-million chance that both male and female parents that bred contained a recessive gene for white fur.

White black bears are typically only found in western Canada, making this discovery even more rare.

The species, called Kermode bears, which are known in the region as “spirit bears” have a much greater chance of white fur, with the breakdown somewhere between 10 and 20%.

Pretty damn cool.

Black Bear Gets Spooked Waking Up A Man Sleeping At His Pool

Talk about a bad dream turning into a reality.

That would bring you out of a snooze faster than any alarm clock ever could. It would also give you enough adrenaline to equal 6 cups of coffee straight to the bloodstream.

Black bears are a little too smart for their own good, they are always up to something. And that something… more than likely involves food.

They span a wide range, living over almost every part of North America, and in every place they are at, there are always some funny videos of curiosity getting the best of them.

They weigh an average of 300-pounds but can be much much larger than that depending on what they are eating, where they are located, and their age.

If you have ever had the pleasure of just watching a bear, you know they are far smarter than most people will give them credit for. They can break into vehicles, houses and garbage cans just lick a singular crumb you left laying around. In the woods the climb and tear apart everything looking for food.

I can’t imagine this situation is much different. Bears being in urban areas are only there for food, they don’t typically like humans or want to be anywhere near them.

This bear wondered into a man’s backyard on a sunny afternoon. He takes a drink out of the pool and looks around

The home owner is laying down, lounging out in the sun having a big old snooze. Out of nowhere the black bear walks right up to him and checks out the situation.

The bear knows somethings up and that the man should be moving, so he gives the man a little nudge.

The man doesn’t know what is going on as he wakes up, and the bear winds up being more scared of him than he is of the bear.

But nevertheless, what a wake up.

I can’t help but laugh at this one.

Tourists Stunned Watching Black Bear Mauling Wild Boar At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This one is not for the faint of heart.

Nature is just as ruthless as she is beautiful, and that was on full display near Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Some folks were driving around Great Smoky Mountains National Park when they came across a rare sight – a black bear mauling a wild boar, while simultaneously trying to drag it into the woods.

Multiple groups of motorists stopped to view that savage battle, and according to the Charlotte Observer people were stunned at the sight:

“This is unbelievable. This is crazy. Man, he’s got blood all in his mouth… he about got his whole neck bit off.”

This video isn’t short, it’s a hefty 10 minutes and loaded with fight and struggle.

Take a guess on who wins this battle.

(* turn off AdBlocker to watch this video)

Black Bears Populations in Tennessee

According to TN.Gov, Tennessee has two main black bear populations: the Appalachian Population along the Tennessee-North Carolina border and the Cumberland Population in the northern part of the Cumberland Plateau along the Tennessee-Kentucky border.

Because black bears are very mobile and travel across state lines, we not only manage a Tennessee black bear population, but a shared population with many neighboring states.

Collectively, this interstate population is known as the Southeastern Black Bear Population, and is shared with Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.

Bear populations in Tennessee are growing, and re-colonization of former range continues.

And as for wild for wild hogs:

In 2011, new regulations were enacted that changed wild hog management. Wild hogs are no longer regarded as big game animals in Tennessee.

In order to remove the incentive to relocate wild hogs, they are now considered a destructive species to be controlled by methods other than sport hunting.

It is illegal to possess, transport, or release live wild hogs.

I See Your Boar, I Raise You A Moose

Warning: this one is pretty graphic…

Here we have big ol’ moose laying injured on the side of a road in Sweden.

A driver comes to a stop to video the ginormous creature, when a bear comes creeping out of the woods. And you know right away, the bear isn’t looking to play…

Nope. Not at all…

“My wife and I went by car on Wednesday night. In front of us, we saw something dark beside the road. When we approached, we saw that it was a moose lying down with the bear next to it.

The bear was a little disturbed by our presence and walked from the moose and over to the other side of the road.

Then we backed the car up to give the bear the opportunity to come back to the moose and finish what he started.”

“Finish what he started?” Gee, not one to interfere with the circle of life are we?

Granted, the moose appears to have possibly been hit by a car and wasn’t going to make it much longer anyway, but still, folks in Sweden definitely aren’t shy about getting out of the way and letting nature take its course.

The bear eventually drags the huge moose off the road with ease and takes some gnarly bites as the moose is too injured to fight back. After the bear finally realizes there are people watching, or just got bored, he steps away and stares straight at the person videoing.

Honestly props to that guy… if a bear just got done having its way with a moose and then noticed me watching, I’d be outta there ASAP.

All I know is I will never under estimate the strength of a bear for as long as I live.

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