Little Girl Uses A Chicken McNugget As Bait To Catch A Hog Of A Bass

Big bass
Shank Bait Co

What a catch.

And on a chick nugget too, that’s a new one for me… the things you see.

Fishing is great. What an amazing way to make lasting memories with your family and friends. Getting out on the water always leads to a good time whether its just the peace of nature or witnessing something spectacular you wouldn’t have seen anywhere else.

Fishing bass is a great way to get out and make those memories. In many places bass can be plentiful making catching them easy. They fight good and are always fun to reel in regardless of the size.

They can weigh over 20 pounds and are predictable for where they are at. Bass are not picky and will eat anything that you can make look enticing.

Even a chicken nugget, I guess.

This little girl is seen baiting her hook with a chick nugget from McDonalds. She heaves the nugget out there and actually hooks into one right away.

She fights the fish and gets an absolute beauty of a fish.

I guess I’ll be trying out the chicken nuggets the next time I go out for bass.

@shankbaitco Charlotte catches monster bass on mcdonald’s chicken nugget. Memorial Day weekend 2023. #mcdonalds #kids #kidsfishing #monsterfishkeepers #shimanofishing #topwaterfishing #topwaterexplosions #wheelchair #wheelchairfishing #family #kids #kidsfishing #tiktok #tiktokindia ♬ original sound – shankbaitco

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