Wrestling Superstar Brock Lesnar Joins Zach Bryan On Stage For “Revival”

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Another surprise “Revival” guest.

By now, if you attend a Zach Bryan show, you are more than likely certain to see a celebrity face or two on the side stage that make their way to the microphone during the closer of “Revival.”

During Bryan’s recent Minneapolis show, WWE wrestler and former mixed martial arts athlete Brock Lesnar made a guest appearance.

Per usual, the crowd is going while during the song, and the band does a stellar job supporting Bryan in keeping the crowd on a high throughout the extended performance.

Lesnar joins Bryan up at the microphone right before the chorus starts. He even takes his hat off, noting the honor of being on stage during the performance.

You can tell from the video he is just soaking up the moment while sharing the stage.

Right before Zach Bryan steps back in to do his band introductions, Lesnar puts his hand up to high-five Zach, leading to a good chuckle as he slowly lowers it down once he realizes Zach cannot high-five him back as he plays guitar.

Bryan continuing to bring all walks of life on stage during his concerts shows his music’s powers and how it can relate to country and non-country music fans.

Everyone can come together to revel in the success story of Zach Bryan.

While “Revival” has been the “it” song of this tour, I am interested to see what track off his upcoming self-titled album might replace it during later shows.

@zachbryanarchive Brock Lesnar came out for Revival in Minneapolis! #ZachBryan #BrockLesnar ♬ original sound – Zach Bryan Archive

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