Moose Calf Stomps Backyard Sprinkler While Family Watches On In Idaho

Moose calf
Viral Hog

What did the sprinkler ever do to you?

Wild animals coming into contact with human things for the first time never ceases to entertain.

We’ve covered a black bear seeing itself in the mirror, an elk tripping on a fence, and now we get to see a moose calf have its first run in with a sprinkler.

This isn’t the first video that’s come up with moose and sprinklers, but to say this calf’s reaction was different than the others would be an understatement.

The clip from Spirit Lake, Idaho begins with the mother and two calves already standing in the stream of water, and while two of them seemed to like it, one calf is having absolutely none of it.

It runs over to the water and at first tries to knock it out of the air before realizing the device on the ground where it was coming from. Next thing you know there’s two hooves down on the sprinkler, knocking it over and sending it skidding across the yard.

The calf runs away and the others follow, probably proud of the young one for stepping up to “protect” the family. They do all go back to inspect the sprinkler one more time before the mother decides it’s time to leave and they all head out to meander the woods.

The owner of the video said the following in the description.

“Mama moose and calves in a backyard sprinkler. Moose occasionally visit our North Idaho property, especially on hot summer days. This mama moose and her two calves were enjoying the coolness of the sprinkler and the babes were playing in the yard.

The feisty calf decided to confront the sprinkler and, well, he killed it. Then he kicked it. The calves continued to rough house a bit and the little tough guy even went head-to-head with Mama.”

I’ve been talking about moving to Idaho for awhile now…

Waking up to these beautiful creatures in your yard just seems like heaven.

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