Black Bear Delivers Hilarious Reaction To Discovering Its Reflection In A Mirror In The Woods

Black bear finds mirror

I’m fully convinced that bears seeing themselves in a mirror for the first time is the best thing on the internet right now.

About a month ago, the internet was taken by storm after a video of a bear looking at itself in the mirror surfaced on just about every platform imaginable, and it’s so freaked out by what it sees it starts to jump around like it’s on a trampoline, which is about the same as my reaction after looking into the mirror the morning after a long night of drinking.

Needless to say, bears aren’t used to this type of stuff, and it probably thinks it’s in hell whenever some cruel yet hilarious soul (maybe a scientist?) decides to set a mirror out in the woods.

With that being said, we have yet another bear encounter with a mirror in the woods, and it’s about equally as hilarious.

In this video, the black bear doesn’t react quite as viciously to its own reflection as the other one, and is more confused for the most part as it constantly sniffs its reflection in the mirror.

The black bear pretty much thinks it’s another bear mocking it, so it’s trying to establish dominance.

However, once the bear realizes something fishy is up, it gets terrified and jumps backwards a few feet, and gets the hell up outta there.

Check it out:

Bear Gets Dropped By An Electric Fence

Bears and electric fences, man…

In bear country, it’s not uncommon to see an electric fence used as a bear deterrent, whether it’s a portable one you put around your campsite, one used to protect your livestock or crops (or honey), and sometimes, folks are just looking to bear-proof their home (and garbage).

But nevertheless, whenever a bear does encounter one, it can be pretty hilarious.

With a shock just strong enough to give them a jolt and keep them away, they’re safe for the bear and generally get the job done. Although, every once in a while, you find a clever guy like this.

This blueberry farmer put a fence around his field and lo and behold, this sneaky fellas managed to dig down, slowly Army crawl through, and slide right under… genius:

And then sometimes, the ol’ bear gets a zap that fold ’em like a cheap lawn chair.

This big fella wandered up to this electric fence and once zap to the snout had enough juice to drop him to his knees. Sure enough, he popped right back up and high-tailed it out of there.

If you’ve ever touched an electric fence (we had one growing up for our horses), you know it’ll make your arm go numb for a second (kind of like when you hit your funny bone, but your whole arm and leg).

And electricity likes to find the quickest way to the ground, so it would appear that this bear’s front legs gave out and he ate some dirt:

Finally, then there’s this one…

Bear vs electrified deer carcass…

Who ya got?

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Tourists Get Too Close To Grizzly Bear At Grand Teton National Park

Every day, nearly a million people file into the various national parks around the country, and every day, there’s inevitably a number of morons in the bunch.

You’ve seen the idiots of Yellowstone, but this group comes to us from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Part of the thrill of going to a national park is encountering nature in a way that you never have before. Grizzly bears, bison, elk, wolves, deer… you can see a wide variety of species in parks like Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Rocky Mountain National Park, but the number one thing to keep in mind is safety.

Most parks recommend that you stay at least 100 yards from grizzly bears…. yeah, a hundred yards, the size of a football field. Why? Because if a bear decides to charge you, it’ll be on your ass in a hurry.

And when you bears get EXTRA protective? Around their cubs and… food.

Like a delicious elk carcass.

This bear in particular drew quite the crowd along the side of the road, and lucky for them, it was too focused on the kill to pay much mind to the growing crowd.

But with a number of children outside of the vehicles, it’s not hard to see why this video might make someone knows a thing or two about grizzly bear behavior a little uneasy.

“Some might think that this griz would be too occupied to care about the tourons, but this is probably one of the most dangerous positions to be in.

Grizzly Bears become very protective when it comes to their food, he might think that these people are a threat and it would take him literally seconds to reach one of these tourons!”

Keep your distance folks… or maybe just stay in the car.

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