Tim McGraw Is Enjoying His “Second Honeymoon” Now That The Kids Are Gone: “Light The Candles, Have Some Fun”

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have stayed pretty busy in recent years, juggling the responsibilities of raising a family while also maintaining their country music stardom with making new music and touring.

Not only that, the married couple of 25 years also took time out of their busy schedules to star in Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone spinoff 1883 back in 2022, with both of them showing off their acting chops in the series.

However, things are starting to slow down at home, with their three daughters now officially raised and out of the house.

Hill and McGraw obviously miss having them under their roof, but the empty house hasn’t been all that bad for the country music power couple.

McGraw recently sat down with Billboard to speak on the transition as parents, saying:

“We’d gotten married quickly. We dated for a short time, got married and soon after had a baby.

So we didn’t have a whole lot of time to get to know each other that well until we had kids.”

The couple got married in 1996 and had their first child together in 1997. Since then, they’ve focused on raising their family and continuing their music careers, so the opportunity for alone time between the two was apparently rare.

Now that it’s just McGraw and Hill in the house though, the sparks have allegedly started flying again.

McGraw continued:

“Now all of a sudden we have this time together and it kind of turned into we’re having our second honeymoon. Light the candles, turn the music on, have some fun.

And now when the kids come home after about five days we’re like, ‘Don’t you have somewhere to be? Mom and dad need some candle time.’”

I can totally see McGraw saying “candle time” to his grown kids, and them saying “eww” or voluntarily leaving out of disgust afterwards. And hey, good for McGraw and Hill. They’ve always had chemistry on stage, so it’s not surprise that they also have it at home.

Speaking of on stage, the interviewer then went on to ask McGraw if the increased free time would lead to the married couple performing together once again.

Who knows, maybe Faith Hill will stop in on one of McGraw’s Standing Room Only Tour dates, which is set to begin next year in March of 2024. The tour obviously coincides with Tim’s upcoming August album release of Standing Room Only, his 17th studio project.

Fans would love to see the married couple up on stage together again, though the idea is somewhat intimidating for McGraw:

“I really have to put my big boy pants on to sing with her. Because if I don’t, if I mess up… I’m not a great harmony singer anyways. 

But I can be across the stage singing and I start getting off key a little bit, and I can look over and I can get that look from her and I know I better straighten up and get it right.”

It never hurts to listen to what your wife says, and it sounds like Tim McGraw has that aspect of marriage (and performing) down pat.

You can view the entire clip of the interview below:

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