Tim McGraw Announces 17th Career Studio Album – ‘Standing Room Only’

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Robby Klein

We all know Tim McGraw as one of mainstream country music’s longest mainstays, as his career has spanned more than 30 years, over a dozen studio albums and tons of #1 hits.

With that being said, the 56-year-old is proving once again he will continue to outlast some of his contemporaries, as he just announced his 17th studio album today, titled Standing Room Only.

The project is slated to drop August 25th, featuring the previously released title track, and a new single single he dropped today titled “Hey Whiskey.”

Standing Room Only is co-produced by McGraw and Byron Gallimore, and marks McGraw’s first album since his 2020 Here On Earth record.

He weighed in on the new project:

“As an artist, I always want to dig deeper and get better every time I make a new record – it’s a big part of what drives me, and I really believe this is one of the best projects we’ve made.

I’ve been working on this album since 2020, and this collection of songs are some of the most emotional, thought-provoking, and life-affirming music I’ve ever recorded.

I’m excited to have ‘Hey Whiskey’ out so fans can start hearing more of what we’re working on – and maybe even more before August…”

The song is a deep message to whiskey, as McGraw reflects on all of the trials and tribulations he went through while he was still drinking.

The chorus says it all:

“I let you stay, you made her leave
You made me say things I don’t mean
To the only girl that ever made me choose
I gave you everything I had
Went to hell and can’t get back
The only thing I couldn’t stand to lose
Hey whiskey
Hey whiskey, what’d I ever do to you?”

Give it a listen:

Standing Room Only Tracklist:

“Hold On To It” (Ryan Larkins, Seth Mosley, Jimmy Yeary)
“Standing Room Only” (Tommy Cecil, Patrick Murphy, Craig Wiseman)
“Paper Umbrellas” (Monty Criswell, Drake Milligan)
“Remember Me Well” (Heather Morgan, Jimmy Robbins)
“Hey Whiskey” (Brad Hutsell, Joel Hutsell, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
“Her” (Jason Gantt, Tim Nichols, Jimmy Yeary)
“Fool Me Again” (Kameron Marlowe, Brad Warren, Brett Warren, Rob Williford)
“Small Town King” (Jaren Johnston, Jenn Schott, Jeremy Stover)
“Beautiful Hurricane” (Mike Lane, Tony Lane)
“Cowboy Junkie” (Bill Luther, Lance Miller, Justin Weaver)
“Nashville CA/L.A. Tennessee (Featuring Lori McKenna)” (Tim McGraw, Lori McKenna, Bob Minner)
“Some Songs Change Your World” (Mark Irwin, Josh Kear, Lance Miller)
“Letter From Heaven” (Chase McGill, Lori McKenna, Parker Welling)

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