Black Bear Raids The Dessert Table At Colorado Wedding

black bear

I’ve been around enough years to know that not everything 100% goes as planned at a wedding.

No matter how perfect you try to make it, something is bound to go a little different as planned, whether it’s something small like the wrong color napkins, or something major like… a runaway bride.

However, I don’t think any bride or groom could have ever prepared for this in their wildest dreams…

Things began to get a little rocky for Cailyn McRossie-Martinez and Brandon Martinez’s dream wedding in Boulder County, Colorado.

First off, a massive downpour of rain knocked things a bit off schedule for the newlyweds.

McRossie Martinez told KUSA-TV:

“So by the time it started pouring rain on us in the middle of the ceremony, us and all of our guests were soaking wet. But it was awesome. It was totally awesome.”

And then, things got even stranger when a massive bear crashed the wedding, and began to consume the dessert table.

Martinez added:

“It’s not too often you go in to your dessert table and see a bear crashing it and eating all of it.”

I mean my gosh, I would’ve felt like I was living in the twilight zone on this one. This sounds like a deleted scene from Wedding Crashers.

However, aside from the downpour and the random bear guest, McRossie-Martinez still says it was the “perfect Colorado wedding.”

She added:

“Life doesn’t always go to plan, but it’s how you get through it together.”

Truer words could’ve never been spoken.

Just see for yourself:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock