While Other PGA Players Are Asking For More Money, Jon Rahm Is Simply Requesting More Porta-Potties

Jon Rahm
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The joke is just too easy, so I’ll go ahead and get it out of the way by saying that it’s abundantly clear that “Porta-Jon Rahm” is pro-bathroom as much as he is a pr0-golfer.

With all the PGA Tour versus LIV Golf stuff, and the recent merger of the two tours, many players that were loyal to the PGA Tour feel like they lost out financially. Many of those who “defected” to the LIV Tour saw incredible built-in pay systems in the millions of dollars, while PGA players continued to compete for every dollar they could earn.

So once LIV and the PGA shook hands and agreed to a merger, the PGA Tour had no choice but to listen to some of the requests of the players that stuck with them through it all and lost out on a ton of money. Some of those requests were larger payouts in tournaments, better pay for their caddies, and less cuts in competition to ensure they would be able to play for four rounds during competition.

Spaniard and PGA professional Jon Rahm had other things in mind, with most (if not all) of his requests revolving around an increase in portable restrooms. Yes, you read that right. Rahm just wants more places on the course to use the bathroom in private.

In a press conference, Rahm used his time with the media to further address his bathroom concerns. Someone asked him what his priorities were with the tour, and he most likely surprised everyone when he gave this answer:

“I can tell you right now, my priorities are a lot lower than what a lot of people would think. If I go by requests…I know this is going to sound very stupid, but as simple as having a freaking porta-potty on every hole.

I know this sounds crazy, but I can’t choose when I have to go to the bathroom. Right? You know? I’ve told the Tour this many times, as simple as that, simple little things (that are) better for the tour.”

And if you still don’t believe me, you can watch him pleading for more crappers in the video below:

Priorities are priorities for a reason. Someone get this man a porta-potty on every hole and slap a big ole sponsor’s name on it. It’s a really easy fix, and a win-win for everybody involved.

X users loved the honest, down to Earth answer that Rahm gave, and flooded the replies of the video with funny commentary:

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